How do I setup vpn where employees' laptops can access our offices' file system with Netgear FVS338?

I have a netgear prosafe vpn fvs338 and need to set it up where multiple employees can access our file system from home through vpn. I've been told that I can do this without buying any extra licenses or hardware. Assuming they mean this to be done legally, can anyone tell me how this would be done?

Thank you.
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daumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the firewall allows up to 50 simultaneous connections, the software is licensed for whatever you purchased.

The disk you get with the firewall may be an unlimited version.
you can go to

and on the right hand side  it has contact by email or phone.

I know other products like sonicwall sells you a 20 user firewall and the vpn software is free and unlimited use.  You can install it on 50 pc's but only have 20 users connected at one time.
Linksys has the same sort of dea.

Netgear is the only one that i know of that sells a "licensed" vpn software.
Your Netgear should have come with a VPN client disk.
if not heres their link:

heres how to setup up the software and firewall,826,833&

You will setup one vpn connection on the firewall for each machine/user.
As for the licensing, i cant answer that, by experience i do know you can install the same disk on multiple machines without it complaining but to be legal you should have a either unlimited license edition or purchase more licenses so they are there if you get audited.  
In my case i used 1 disk to install.. and had 3 other single licenses to be legal for 4 connections.
mediumuserAuthor Commented:
So I need to purchase more licenses if I'm wanting to allow 30 users to vpn in even though this model is a Netgear prosafe 50 VPN Firewall FVS338?
mediumuserAuthor Commented:
Thats strange because I remember our old firewall was a watchguard...can't remember the model. Anyway, we could vpn in, using an ip address that we setup on each laptop, which did not require a software to be installed into the laptop, instead you just used the vpn wizard in windows. The ip address must have came from another device in the daisy chain of devices. I know this IP only becuase I checked the settings in a laptop that had a working VPN connection. How would the watchguard allow this but the netgear not be able to? FYI the only part changed is the firebox.
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