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Bypassing Cisco Router IP Inspect commands

Last Modified: 2013-11-16
Is there a way to bypass the Cisco router FW / IP Inspect commands.  A customer's router is configured to block login.live.com.  One person in the company does need to access the site.  Is there a way that I can configure one IP to bypass the IP Inspect settings?  Below is the configuration.

ip inspect log drop-pkt
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM appfw SDM_MEDIUM
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM cuseeme
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM dns
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM ftp
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM h323
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM https
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM icmp
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM netshow
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM rcmd
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM realaudio
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM rtsp
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM sqlnet
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM streamworks
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM tftp
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM udp
ip inspect name SDM_MEDIUM vdolive
ip domain lookup source-interface FastEthernet0/0
ip name-server x.x.x.x
ip name-server x.x.x.x
ip scp server enable
appfw policy-name SDM_MEDIUM
  application im aol
    service default action reset alarm
    service text-chat action reset alarm
    server deny name login.oscar.aol.com
    server deny name toc.oscar.aol.com
    server deny name oam-d09a.blue.aol.com
    server deny name my.screenname.aol.com
    server deny name kdc.uas.aol.com
    server deny name login.messaging.aol.com
    audit-trail on
  application im msn
    service default action reset alarm
    service text-chat action reset alarm
    server deny name messenger.hotmail.com
    server deny name gateway.messenger.hotmail.com
    server deny name webmessenger.msn.com
    server deny name login.live.com
    server deny name messenger.msn.com
    audit-trail on
  application im yahoo
    service default action reset alarm
    service text-chat action reset alarm
    server deny name scs.msg.yahoo.com
    server deny name scsa.msg.yahoo.com
    server deny name scsb.msg.yahoo.com
    server deny name scsc.msg.yahoo.com
    server deny name scsd.msg.yahoo.com
    server deny name cs16.msg.dcn.yahoo.com
    server deny name cs19.msg.dcn.yahoo.com
    server deny name cs42.msg.dcn.yahoo.com
    server deny name cs53.msg.dcn.yahoo.com
    server deny name cs54.msg.dcn.yahoo.com
    server deny name ads1.vip.scd.yahoo.com
    server deny name in1.msg.vip.re2.yahoo.com
    server deny name messenger.yahoo.com
    server deny name http.pager.yahoo.com
    server deny name privacy.yahoo.com
    server deny name csa.yahoo.com
    server deny name login.yahoo.com
    audit-trail on

Thanks for the assistance!
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