How to capture "Explain SQL" output

How do I capture ALL of a StoredProcs "Explain SQL" output?

When I run "Explain SQL", I get a listbox-like display.
When I try to Highlight, Copy and Paste ...
the capture stops at a line with little squares embedded in the line and the remaining text is NOT captured.

little squares appear where I have X's below

          SQL402B Table 3XXXXXX used in hash join step 1.

And capture stops ...

I'm using iSeries Navigator V5R3M0
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momi_sabagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
its in the schema of the user you used to run the explain statement
all explain output is inserted into a table called plan_table
you can find it there
volkingAuthor Commented:
... is PLAN_TABLE in a specific Schema/Library?
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