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Prosessor Fan Maxing out at boot

polyclinicpc asked
New Dell  optiplex755 runnging at 100% at boot.  I ran the onboard utility and for the fan and it ruturned an error "test results failed error code 3700:011B
CPU_Fan. the fan speed is incorect"  Called Dell, No Help whatsoever.  they even suggested that it was normal to be that loud on some models.   I also reset the CMOS..
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it is normal on some machines depending on the computer.

How old is it?  did it just start.

shouldnt be a problem  if it slows during xp boot.  but if it just start it could be a warning of hardware failure.


Brand new out the box.  We have 10 others in the dept..  So I swapped the power suply from a known good and still super loud.  Motherboard issue?
It's either a bad fan or bad motherboard, The tech you talked to at Dell is either a complete idiot, new, or both. If the fan is failing diags something is obviously wrong. First where it's new i would reseat the fan cable, if that doesn't work something needs replaced. It is true on some dell system during POST the fan(s) will run at high but after post, during boot it should slow down. If you don't want to call you can try dell chat.


gm jamietoner,

Thank you for you time!  I eneded up calling dell back, and got somebody a tad more seasoned.. He, inturn,  suspects the motherboard and is sendng out a tech to replace f.o.c.   :)           Again, thanks for dialog.

You're welcome.
Did the motherboard resolve the issue?
Nevermind.  A BIOS update from revision A08 to A17 resolved the issue for me.