Can not perform live update....... Live Update could not create a directory to store temporary files

when trying to perform a live update on a workstation we are receivng this message.  Live Update could not create a directory to store temporary files. Make sure you have create and write access to the Windows 95/98 All Users Directory or the Windows NT00 Profiles Directory.  I am not sure what to look at to resolve this, any suggestions.
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There are several known causes of this problem. Beginning with the most common cause, they are:
A missing Downloads folder.
A corrupted Settings.LiveUpdate file.
The LiveUpdate program itself is damage or needs to be updated.
Incorrect LiveUpdate configuration.
The 8.3 file name creation on NT/2000 NTFS systems has been disabled.
Symantec is aware of the issue and offers on its web site detailed instructions on how to fix the problem; follow the instructions in the order given here until the problem is resolved.

What operating system and version are you using?  With what software package was LiveUpdate installed?  Do you have local adminstrator rights on your computer?

You can manually check the permissions of the specified folder(s) to make sure you do actually have permission to make changes.
cdbeste:, your solution worked perfectly.  Thank you.
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