Can you customize the destination directory for some of the installed components, like exchange store, when installing Windwows SBS 2008

I am evaluating Small Business Server 2008.  Small Business Server 2003 allowed you to redirect the desition directory/drive for some of the components during the install processess.  I did not see that during the install of Small Business Server 2008.  Did I miss something, am I having a senior moment?
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rikke_vpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, its automated... like you could in 2003...

In the management console of exchange, on the store properties you can choose the path for your store, changing this will automaticly, dismount, moves the store files to the correct location and mounts the store again.

Regarding the exchange store and logs, you cannot with SBS... You need to do this manually via the ESM

jtmoskeAuthor Commented:
Is the idea I backup the store and restore it to the other drive?  I don't suppose you have any idea why this changed?
jtmoskeAuthor Commented:
Thank you, you have been very helpful.
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