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Hi i need to set up vpn on a linux server and also set up logs .

If u guide me i will do this correctly.Please tell me the prerequistes so that i will be ready with that.

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mchkorgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess so, depending on your patience and knowledge about VPN
I think you have a vpn server package on your distribution, ready to be installed :) That would be a good first step.

You have to have 2 computers to test it. Ideally on the same network, no network restriction between them. To avoid side-effects problems.
That will make sure you know how to install, configure and use.

Then you can think about VPN over the Internet, with proxy/firewall/routeur settings and so on :)
Did you try "openvpn howto" ?

Generally a good place to start.
OpenVPN is a very popular tool in unix/linux world (even client in Windows)

If you have a more specific question, do not hesitate
akiles99Author Commented:
I read it.WIth that info can i able to install and configure vpn in a linux server.

Also i'm a beginner in working with linux.
akiles99Author Commented:
Thanks for the update.

If i found any problem i will let u know....
akiles99Author Commented:
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