URGENT: Unable to get EIGRP to work

I am unable to communicate from 6503 to 6503 at the .34 and .33 addresses. I have configured eigrp and the atonomous numbers match. Any advice would be great.

EIGRP config on all devices:
router eigrp 1
 no auto-summary
(Network Map Attached)
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PugglewuggleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry this isn't of any help, but shouldn't you clean up that map? It's kind of irresponsible to allow that kind of info out onto the web. I know know the complete network topology of ATI's Boulder City, NV site. Good thing I'm not looking to cause trouble... just a thought.
plz provide sh eigrp
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
If the IP addresses on the affected devices are all on the network (which it appears they are) then you may have an ACL blocking the EIGRP traffic. Impossible to say without more information.

The running config for two of the devices would help. I also be nice to know WHICH devices are having the issue.
csierraAuthor Commented:
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