Can you recommend a good anti-virus programme?

Our anti-virus system is due to expire in 7 days.

Can you recommend a good anti-virus product which doesn't kill the memory usage (we would need to install this on 100 machines including an Exchange server and an SQL server?

We would rather not continue our use with NOD32 as AVG Free Edition has managed to fix several of our office computers that NOD32 couldn't deal with. So besides AVG what can you lot recommend?
Ian PriceIT ManagerAsked:
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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'll give my opinion, but you should also search here at EE because this has been discussed many times. And you'll get about as many opinions as there are experts giving them :)

Many individuals suggest using AVG or Avast. I don't have much experience with them.  Personally I have tested Norton, Kaspersky, built-in AV with Spyware Doctor, BitDefender and some others. I like and use Norton, although that gets bashed frequently here.  I also use the Corporate Edition in my company environment and have had reasonably good luck with it.  

I tried NOD32 at home on one of my kids' machines that I had just reloaded XP on and immediately he started getting random freezes and reboots.  After much troubleshooting I removed NOD32 and the problems just went away.
I highly reccomend the TrendMicro product line.  Small footprint, and the TrendMicro for Small Business Internet Security product has centralized reporting, scanniing, and update rollout, to all protected PC's.
i have used and recommended avast in the past, but that turned to quite a resource hog,
so i switched to Avira Antivir (free for personal use)
and i'm quite satisfied with it, other than that the free version gives a nag after updating
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"...AVG Free Edition has managed to fix several of our office computers..."
AVG Free is only free for domestic use.  Installing it on multiple workstatiuons in an office environment is a breach of the EULA.
If you want a free and effective antivirus I would say Avira Antivir is the best option.

If your going to spend money Kaspersky would be a good option.
Ian PriceIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
We went for Kaspersky in the end
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