Will DDR3 graphics card work with DDR2 Ram ?

I'm thinking of getting the following card for my motherboard,


but will my computer be able run the above mentioned graphics card, while my computer uses DDR2 Ram in the slots?

My guss is, it should work just fine. but still wanted to make sure..

 ## Another thing I would like to know, my MOBO doesn't support SLI mode, So, Will this card still work in my MOBO without the advantage of SLI ofcourse?


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What memory you have installed has no impact on what video card you can install, as long as you have a pci-e 16x slot(pci-e 2.0 recommended) and your power supply is big enough the card will work fine. SLI is designed for multiple cards, with a single card SLI won't work even if the motherboard supports it. So just make sure the power supply is at least 450 watts and has atleast 24 amps on the +12v rail.

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I agree with jamietoner - what RAM your motherboard uses is independent of what video card you use.  You don't need an SLI-enabled motherboard to run this card as a single video card.  Just make sure your power supply is adequate and has a 2x6 pin connector for this card.
WarFazeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for ur reply...
Now, not a problemoqes, but.. Can you guys please tell me how this card can perform?
I'm not extreme gamer, I do casual regular gaming and do lot of photo editing works with photoshop and paiontshop and so on ..
So, what do you think, this card can perform for casual gaming and photo/video editing?
My config is: Core2Quad 2.6 (4Mb L2 cache)..  2 GB DDR2 Corsair Dominator memory and 500 GB Hard drive(32MB cache)
Any advise will be appreciated.
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This card is basically an 8800 Ultra for half the price: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-9800gtx-review,1800-15.html - not a bad deal.  It will handle casual gaming with ease, but the fan is a bit noisy.
WarFazeAuthor Commented:
jamietoner, I dont seem to find a powersupply with "24 amps on the +12v rail" in local store. It seems most are with 20 amps on the +12v rail....
Anyway, can anyone tell me if the following PSU is good enough for mid-core gaming?
my budget is no more than $100 for PSU including shipping/tax.
- WarFaze
PC Power & Cooling and Seasonic are better choices:

Both of these are also certified as energy efficient as well (80% or better).
A good quality power supply will last a long time and provide you with stable power. You can have the +12v split up on multiple rails, each one with up to 20 amps.  
I would go with the PC Power and Cooling PSU that Callandor posted it would be a much better power supply that the SIGMA. Plus if you use the promo code "pcp15off" you get an extra $15 off make it a sweet deal at $65 including shipping.
WarFazeAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for suggesting me the PSUs ..
Here is another thing I like to know,
Now, I have this EVGA 9800 GTX card, ..  for SLI .. do I have to buy same model AGP card?
Or I can buy different model AGP card?(I'm interested to buy 9800 GTX+) ..  Please give me some idea.
Uh, do you understand that SLI is for PCI-e slots only?  If you meant that, then you need to get an identical video card (9800 GTX) - it doesn't have to be EVGA branded, but it does have to be PCI-e.  However, you did say your motherboard doesn't support SLI, so you'll need to get another motherboard.
WarFazeAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you for your reply and recommendation.
I bought Asus P5N-D Mobo and built a new system. Now I have two pci-e 16x slot where I'm using Evga 9800 GTX .. with the powersupply from PC Power & Cooling.
Thanks again.
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