Linux machine cannot ping windows machine on the same network

I have two machines on Network.local, a linux machine and a windows machine. The windows machine can ping the linux machine. The linux machine can ping, etc but can't ping any machines locally including the windows machine.

Have no idea what is going on here
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valheru_mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ping the linux box from a windows box.  Then on that same windows box, go to the command prompt and run:

arp -a

This will display the ARP cache on the windows box, which should appear as a list of ip addresses corresponding to the associated mac address of the box that responded to the ping.  Verify that the mac address in the windows machine's ARP cache matches the mac address on the linux box's network interface (if the linux box has multiple network interfaces, it's the one with the ip address you're trying to ping from the windows box.) If they match, then it would appear as though the ip address is resolving correctly. If the values differ, then you have an ip address conflict on your network and the linux box isn't the box that's actually responding to the ping requests from the windows machine.

I want to try this because if it's not a windows firewall issue, short of your switch having some sort of filtering capability the only other thing I can think of that causes weirdness like this is an ip address conflict.

First of all you need to check is there any firewall running on the server, (normally IPTABLES are used as firewall in linux servers) . To list the current rules in IPTABLES use iptables -L

if any unwanted rules found there remove the rules by iptables -F and save service iptables save

restart the service service iptables  restart

What kinds of machines are you trying to ping from that linux box?  Are they all Windows machines?  Have you checked to see if the Windows boxen you are trying to ping have Windows Firewall turned on?  Windows firewall is on by default, so it's completely possible that all of the machines you are trying to ping are blocking your ping requests.

Other thing I would check (but not before you rule out some other stuff thats easier to troublehoot) is an ip address conflict for the ip addy that the linux box is using.
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littleknownAuthor Commented:
Linux box has a static ip. Boxes being pinged from linux box are windows machines. None of them have windows firewall turned on. Some of them can't ping other ones but they're all on the internet
Can the linux box ping your router/firewall?  Can the Windows machines?  Consider during this test that the firewall might not allow ICMP requests, so try to turn that rule off temporarily for the purposes of this test.

Also, out of curiosity, are you trying to ping via ip addy or name?
littleknownAuthor Commented:
Pinging via ip addy. All machines can ping the router fine.
littleknownAuthor Commented:
Windows box can ping the linux box. Arp list showed the gateway and the ip of the linux box. Mac address matched it.

Linux box can't ping the windows box.
Could you post the following information on Windows machine:
> ipconfig /all
> route print

As well on the Linux machine
# ifconfig
# netstat -nr
# traceroute <Windows machine>

littleknownAuthor Commented:
problem has been resolved. reset winsock on the windows box and it worked, imagine that
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