Log In Security for Web Document

How can I upload a document to a web page that can only be opened thru a login or password?
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BongSooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use security on a PDF, and password protect it.
You most likely would need serverside scripting (coldfusion, php, asp, asp.net, etc.) and a database to make this work properly.
In a nutshell, in the database you have the login and password information stored. On a login page that a user can access will be a form that has a field for username and one for password. When the user submits this form, the serverside scripting is given the username and password as variables. Using SQL, the submitted username and password are compared to the stored username and password in the database, if there is a match, the user is given access to the document. If there is not a match, they get an error page.
peteccapoAuthor Commented:
is there anyway to create a document that can be uploaded to a web page that is secure and requires a single password to open?
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