Two hard drives fail within four weeks of one another.

One x PC with an Asus A7VBX-MXSE mobo.  Four weeks ago the hard disk failed.  Bios recognised it with the generic maxtor id, could not be detected in an external enclosure and would not boot.  I swapped it out for what was the second hard drive in the machine, a Seagate.  Yesterday, on boot up, the BIOS gave me the 'no system disc' error.  I rebooted and Windows loaded successfully. Upon running Seatools the drive past the SMART test and failed the short diagnostic test.  Now the drive is not recognised in the BIOS and cannot boot into Windows.  I understand that this drive has gone belly up but my question is, what could be going on in the PC to cause two drives to fail in such quick succession?  I am ready to put a new drive in, but don't want to fry another one!
Many thanks in advance.
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would check the power supply 5, and 12 volt supply lines especially.

That is the only thing I can think of that would cause this, unless the IDE controller is also bad and causing very weird problems ( Not likely ).

I hope this helps !
paperclips29Author Commented:
Thank you SysExpert, for such a quick answer.  I am going to swap the psu now and will report back.  Would you say this problem is a common one?  
If that doesn't fix it and you have access to another PC try putting the drives in there.  That would help confirm if something else is going on.
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PSU issues are one of the most common issues  besides hard drive failure.

paperclips29Author Commented:
Thanks for all the answers.  I have swapped the PSU over and installed a new hard drive.  The two old drives are unresponsive in another PC, and in an external enclosure.  I hope it was the PSU that was at fault.  One final question, could you outline to me the ways in which the motherboard could cause hard drive failure, if indeed at all?  
jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know that the mobo could cause a HD to fail, but especially if the controller is built in, it may report erroneous data as to the status of the drive or may write data wrongly which would make  the OS fail, but not the disk itself.
paperclips29Author Commented:
Many thanks for your help. I am most grateful. Charlie.
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