How to disable the CalenderDateInput.js control in my jsp page?


In my jsp page, i am calling CalanderDateinput.js , for showing the current systemdate , i want that to be non-editable . i mean, the user should not edit that. So how can i make it non-editable, just make it readonly? any ideas?

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Tomas Helgi JohannssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you want the CalendarDateInput.js still generate the date then
you could either make the input field where the date is written to hidden or dissabled

Otherwise if you want to get rid of the .js file you simply use another method to generate the
systemtime and put it into an hidden field on the server side.

  Tomas Helgi
What does your code look like?
I respectfully object to a "Delete with no refund" on the grounds that TomasHelgi actually made a valid expert comment that may have actually worked for the user.

I think a "Forced Accept" with TomasHelgi getting the points is more appropriate.
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