Java String replace

If a string contains \\\\ (4 backslashes) is there anyway to replace that string with \ (one backslash)?
Tried the following:
strtest.replace("\\\\", "\") - unclosed String literal error
strtest.replace("\\\\", "\\") - hoped it would see the first back slash as an escape but replaces with 2 \\

Thanks for any ideas.
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mbodewesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Backslash is an escape character, this should work:

strtest.replace("\\\\\\\\", "\\");

So you've got 4 escaped backslashes, replaced by a single escaped backslash (!).
You have to understand that:

"\\"  --> means "\"

Backslash is a special character, so doing this:

"\"  is incorrect syntax... Change it to "\\"

Or, use the @ sign before the quotation, then it is ok for you to not need to use double backslashes

@"\"  is ok
strtest.replace(@"\\\\", @"\");
edwarduiAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the replies.  
strtest.replace("\\\\\\\\", "\\"); was what i was looking for.
I don't think @ works in java.  Think i remember using that in .NET though
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