How can I have Postfix use /etc/hosts before doing a DNS lookup?

I have in /etc/hosts:  burritos

If I ping I get I can also telnet burritos 25 and I can deliver mail through mail from, rcpt to, data commands.

I have Postfix configured to deliver mail for locally, but it forwards mail for to server burritos.

The problem is Postfix does a DNS lookup regardless. It does not look into /etc/hosts. I don't have an A record for because I want it to only receive mail internally. I don't run a DNS server internally (which could obviously fix the problem, but is more complication than I'd like.)

/etc/host.conf says:
order hosts,bind
multi on
nospoof on
spoofalert on

I don't want to disable DNS lookups entirely. I just want for Postfix to check /etc/hosts first. Is that possible?

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bevhostConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Basically there is a file /etc/postfix/transport which contains a list of domain anmes and where the mail for thos domains should be routed to.  This routing table overrides and DNS settings.    smtp:[]

The [] brakets around the name tells the smtpd process not to try to look up the MX record for the target.
means send mail for to the MX record for    smtp:[]
means send mail for to the A record for    smtp:[]
means send mail for to server at

if you change the transport file you must
# postmap transport
# postfix reload

If you receive mail from external sources and you want to relay to transport destinations then you also need this in your file

relay_domains = $transport_maps

for the transport file to do anything you need this in your

transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

check /etc/nsswitch.conf and look for a line similar to

hosts:      files dns

which should check /etc/hosts first then dns
edit your /etc/nsswitch.conf file

change this line
hosts:      dns nis files

put files first
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omarfarid:  good timing :-)
same minute :)
:) same answer
Why not just have the transport table use the IP address instead of a name:
eg:    smtp:[]

Then you don't need to mess with the name resolution on your machine.
omniumnetworkingAuthor Commented:
My /etc/nsswitch.conf already contains:
hosts:          files nis dns

I had checked that too.

I don't have anything on my transport table, so you'd have to be more specific.

on re-reading that I notice a few typos, but you get the idea (I hope)
For anyone reading this question who has sendmail instead of postfix,
The transport file is called /etc/mail/mailertable
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