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bank site being redirected to a malware site

since yesterday I am being redirected to a malware site each time I try to acess a specific bank account.
I run antivirus and anti spyware zonealarm sofware constantley. I downloaded spyeraser and cleaned several infections. I erased my history, cookies,  and personal data from  the browser.
STILL when I try to log in to my account, I am being redirected to a phisshing message screen!
 the bank confimed this is not their message - I cannot find why -how this is happening!!!
I tried reaching my account from anotrher computer and it works fine. I use firefox, but I tried IE and it gives me the same phisshing site. How can I find the damn thing????
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2 Solutions
what is the bank website you are trying to log into? possibly have 1 letter out of place and can goto a spyware website... also aids in testing.. please do not post username and password. just a disclaimer from my side.
You might want to download and run malwarebytes in Safe Mode.
You can get it free from malwarebytes.org
I would also suggest that you download and run hijackthis.
You can get that free from http://www.merijn.org/programs.php
You can post the hijackthis log file for free analysis either here or at:

assuming you are on windows, assuming you know what you are doing (u set advanced on this subj)

navigate to : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
open the file named "hosts"
(no extension, and the file and some of its upper diretories could be hidden)

there should be a bunch of lines with a comment sign (#) before it, and only 1 (one) line that doesnt have it.
this line should read exactly:       localhost

if you find other lines, please paste them here so we can review them, or remove them yourself if you know what you are doing.
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TulipaAuthor Commented:
to Mark FreeSoftware

yes i´m on windows and the host file has ONLY the line you mentionned, exactly as above

so it isn´t thru this setting...
TulipaAuthor Commented:
here is my hijackthis log
there was an error when I ran it: -  I will post it in my next comment
seriosuly check the spelling on the website you are tryign to get to: also see if there is http:// versus https://
one thing that could be cause this, is the bonjour service and bonjour application running,
i have had this same programs in the past, if i recall correctly apple thinks its funny to give its customers some free crapware but it could also be adobe

install a new browser, for example opera, and see if that has the same problem,
if not it is probably some browser helper object,
if it is, its probably something running at the moment

if opera has the same problem:

this line:
O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{DE43E5CF-087D-4D5E-A6C2-5BA03066DB30}: NameServer =,
it looks like your dns(name)servers are set to a fixed address, did you do that,
if no, backup the addresses and try to change them

example, with example addresses

(you could also set this to get from dhcp)

if you think its the bonjour dns thingy:
refer to this how to bonjour crapwaret:

this browser helper object looks suspicious:
O2 - BHO: [G-Buster Defense] - {1E1B2879-88FF-11D3-8D96-D7ACAC959323} - (no file)
maybe you installed it yourself, i dont know ;)
TulipaAuthor Commented:
Mark, wow, what a mess...
I did not set the dns server to afixed address. I deleted that, and the browser helper object ( was installed by another bank , but spies and keeps constant monitoring sending info to the bank???- dont need that one)

aniway, loks like its better on one front, but I found some more disturbing issues:
when i try to run the google search from my toolbar, a message says that the certificate cannot be checked ( google helper object from sun?)
then zone alarm tells me JAVATMP59870.exe is trying to access
and finally my google searches in the firefox toolbar statred returning errors - 404 not found on this server????
now they are back...what gives?
i would not allow that one,

the toolbar, is it an official toolbar, is it the firefox google thingy, where does it come from?

as for firefox, if you did not store any data such as passwords and/or cookies,
you might want to delete your whole profile, as to start over with less crap :)
TulipaAuthor Commented:
yes the toolbar is the official one, firefox googly thingy in the right corner with options for google, yahoo, and other search engines - I´ve been using it since the beginning with firefox.
Aniway thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
thanks for the grade,
and good luck resolving this!
Marc ZCommented:

I know this question has already been closed, but I can't stress this enough. Get off this computer, go to a clean one, access that bank account AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS and do not access it again on infected machine until you have fully confirmed it is clean of virus/malware.

If you have been redirected away from the banking sites, it is possible the malware got what it wanted - your information.
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