Need to know if a particular recovery technique is possible

I am migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 so I am in coexistence mode.  Somehow, someone managed to move or delete a public folder containing important contact data.  Unfortunately, I did not realize that the setting had not been enabled to allow for the easy recovery of deleted items from the public folder store.  So now, I am faced with how to recover this particular public folder.  I have several NTBackup files from the Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 servers that I could use.  I do not understand why Exchange server does not allow public folder recovery using a RSG.  Anyway, now I am wondering if I can dismount the current public folder store temporarily, restore the public folder store from ntbackup, copy out the data I need from the public folder store created from backup, then discmount it and remount the current public folder store that was temporarily taken offline.  It seems like it should be possilbe, but I thought I would check before I mess something up.  Any thoughts?
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richwatersAuthor Commented:
I was able to successfully recover from the backup.  Here is what I did.  Since I do not have a large amount of data in public folders, it was easy for me to run a backup of the public folder store on both the Exchange 2007 and the Exchange 2003 servers (currently running in coexistence mode).  After completing the backups, I shutdown the Exchange 2007 server.  Then, I took the public folder store offline on the Exchange 2003 server, ran a restore from a previous Exchange 2003 backup which had the data I needed, brought the public folder store back online, and copied the data I needed from an Outlook client that had access to the specific public folder.  Once, I had the data I needed, I took the public folder store offline, restored the backup that I made right before beginning the operation, brought the public folder store back online, made sure everything was okay, and then brought the Exchange 2007 server back online.

It all worked just fine.
I use OnTrack for all mail restores and find it very easy to use.

If you dismount your current public folder store what happens to email that is queued to it. Your users will not have access to public folders while you play around. Do you have replication? consider what happens if you remove a public folder server.  personally Iwould not touch this option with a barge pole...

richwatersAuthor Commented:
I was concerned about the replication right now in coexistence mode.  Email is not delivered to any of our public folders and changes to public folder information is fairly infrequent.  I checked into OnTrack, but it would be over $1000, and all I need to try to do is recover one public folder.  This will hopefully be a one-time occurrence since I enabled the option to not delete any folders for at least 7 days on each public folder store.  I am trying to find a way to recover this folder fairly easily without spending a bunch of cash.
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