Core 2 Duo overheating

A friend has an E6300 running on an MSI-V7255 motherboard. He replaced the graphics card with an 8800GTX and changed cases at the same time.

In doing so he broke the CPU cooler and replaced it with a stock Intel cooler... but Coretemp reports an unlikely 123C(?) for both cores at idle, Speedfan Core temps of -39C thats minus 39C.

MSI's own utility , Dual Core Centre simplt reports the CPU temp as 68C, this duplicated by Speedfan.

I don't like the look of it.
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CPU fan running? HSF seated fully and latched (check all 4 latches)? Air intake sufficient? Old thermal compound cleaned off and new applied (unless stock cooler was unused and still had thermal pad)?
you should be able to see the temps in the bios as well... it would be interesting to see what it's reporting
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
I think he used an old stock cooler, so I'm guessing the thermal paste is lacking?

What do I use to clean it, or should I just buy a new cooler?

I can't find temps in the BIOS anywhere unfortunately.
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chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
oh and Windows shuts down after a while - doesn't fall over , just performs a normal dhut-down, could this be the over-heating?
Should be a Hardware Monitor section in BIOS with CPU temps.

Thermal compound --> remove HSF, clean compound from heat sink and CPU using isopropyl  alcohol, apply new thermal compound and reinstall. Use manufacturer's instructions for applying thermal compound - a thin layer is sufficient. If you are not familiar with removing and installing an Intel HSF, post back.

Was old stock cooler rated for E6300? Most Intel Socket 775 coolers should be adequate.

Check 4 HSF retainers before doing anything else.

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chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
I've ordered a new HSF but a friend has just offered me a new Intel  E18764-001 , I can't seem to find out if this is good enough for the E6300?
during the 'normal shutdown' does it display a message like "this computer will be shut down in x seconds"?

usually a temperature-induced shutdown is immediate, not graceful

i think i would trust the MSI util data above anything just cause it's their board. you said you were not getting any crazy readings from it right? 68 is high but it is not out of the question, especially for hot chips. i agree with will to check the thermal paste; too much or too little will cause issue

also, make sure that the case has an intake fan and an outtake fan. it's important that airflow through the case be proper, not disrupted by cables, misplaced fans, etc. the following looks to give good information on this subject,1697,1835927,00.asp
I had an MSI 975X based board, and the MSI temperature routine was not particularly accurate.

My favourite temperature monitoring tool for the Core 2 processors is called Coretemp.

It has a tiny footprint. Does not require a lengthy install process, and above all, seems to offer pretty accurate results. The temperature in the BIOS is generally not that great, and may be reporting a temperature on the board near the CPU, and not the 'on die' CPU temperature.

The stock Intel coolers are pretty good though, as long as heat sink compound is installed. I constantly ran my old E6600 processor at 3.2GHz using the stock cooler, with no issues whatsoever - so running at stock speeds should be fine.
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
I used the new stock cooler and re-installed Windows and it's running a little warm but stable now for several days so all seems well.
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