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Hello there;
I have a catalyst 4006 as a core router on my network. I'm not a cisco guy so here is my question. Recently we purchased a linksys VOIP device (SPA8000) that we wanted to use for a soecific departemnt, the problem is that it does not work no matter which port  use or which vlan. Now i know that i have to configure/enable a voice vlan, but i don\t know how.
Note: i have too many data vlans that are unused, can i convert them to voice vlans?
Any help would be appreciated.
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QuoriConnect With a Mentor Commented:


The telephone does not tag frames. The switch port can be an access port or an 802.1Q trunk port.

USELESS for QoS though.
That doesn't configure a voice VLAN - that just sets up a port to access a predefined one.
Basically all a voice VLAN is is a regular data VLAN that has no "switchport access" set up for it in any switch. No data from a computer should cross the voice VLAN - it should be dedicated for voice.
So all you've really got to do if you want to reuse a current VLAN is just make sure that no switchports on that switch or any attached ones use that vlan in access mode - just assign it to another vlan if you must.
Cheers! Let me know if that works!
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BTW the command should be
switchport voice vlan X
where X is the number of the VLAN you've got dedicated for voice.
Please disregard Quori's command as it will not work. You've got to specify a VLAN number.
As much as I just adore being disregarded, the use of 'switchport voice vlan dot1p' actually tags traffic with VLAN = 0 or the other option is 'switchport voice vlan untagged' which uses VLAN 1025.

However I've forgotten what models this works on.

Cheers though. :)
Lol I didn't mean it that way Quori. :)
With the dot1p keyword instead of a vlan number it actually sends it untagged to whatever the default vlan is (if none is configured it is 1, not 0 as you stated).
I don't believe the untagged keyword is supported.
Cheers back! :)
Yes, that is a 4224 reference - hey, its what I use :)
:) I don't use stuff that old for the most part so I don't know about the untagged line like I said, but The switchport can indeed have a PC on it too if your IP phone has an integrated bridge.
However, since you're using a Linksys SPA8000, that isn't going to be an option - the switchport will have to be just for voice since this as basically the same thing as a Cisco ATA - analog telephone adapter.
isaman07Author Commented:
Thanks guys for the answeres, but my problem is still unsolved, i'll explain. The catalyst 4006 comes with bunch of switches that are attached, so i used a Vlan that i had and i made sure no ports on that vkan are used for access or data, then i performed the folowing command on my administrative module
set port auxiliaryvlan 2/33-34 untagged
As there is no way to enter the command
switchport voice vlan vlan# on my catalyst administrator module
So how do i go about this?
BTW, i see activity on the gateway, it looks much better than before, it just seems that i'm missing a small detail somewhere.
Thanks a million.
isaman07Author Commented:
OK here is the dump of my configuration on my catalyst 4006
On the L3 module the vlan that i'm using for voice is configured as follow

interface GigabitEthernet4.202
 description General Academic Clients
 encapsulation dot1Q 202
 ip address
 ip helper-address
 ip helper-address
 no ip redirects
 no ip directed-broadcast
 ip pim sparse-dense-mode
 ip cgmp
 appletalk cable-range 202-202 202.1
 appletalk zone CANADA

On the administrative module, here is the config
#module 2 : 34-port Router Switch Card
set vlan 2    2/7-10
set vlan 25   2/6
set vlan 100  2/11-32
set vlan 202  2/33-34
set vlan 500  2/3-5
set port auxiliaryvlan 2/33-34 untagged
set port speed      2/5,2/11,2/33-34  100
set port duplex     2/5,2/11,2/33-34  full
set port name       2/1  Trunk to L3
set port name       2/2  Trunk to L3
set port name       2/3  PIX
set port name       2/4  VPN
set port name       2/5  Datacenter router
set port name       2/11 sniffer-mirror
set port name       2/12 sniffer-main
set trunk 2/1  on dot1q 1-1005
set trunk 2/2  on dot1q 1-1005

Is that ok?
isaman07Author Commented:
OK fellows, i configured a port on another switch catalyst 3500 XL,which is trunked to my 4006 in the following way
switchport voice vlan 202
spanning-tree portfast

 then i tried the
switchport voice vlan dot1p
spanning-tree portfast

switchport voice vlan untagged
spanning-tree portfast

And i have the exact same results. I can see there is a link and it works really hard to establish the voice connection, but the hooked phones don't get a tone.
Okay - I didn't realize the 4000 is that old... wow.
Which Sup module are you using? Do you have the latest possible IOS on it?
If you don't have the voice VLAN command then it's going to cause you some trouble to get this to coexist with the rest of your devices that do...
BTW.... do you have DHCP on that network? The phones need addresses to operate. Please setup a DHCP scope on your DHCP server and verify a PC can get an IP addresses on that VLAN just for testing. If it can then try the phones again. That might fix it.
isaman07Author Commented:
Yes i have a dhcp and the adapter is getting the correct IP address, but no voice communication

WS-C4006 software, version NmpSW: 6.3(1)
PugglewuggleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Very odd... You might contact Linksys (useless support by try anways - it's okay if you get to the higher level which is mostly Americans) and see if there's anything you're missing.
isaman07Author Commented:
Ok guys, it still remains unsolved, but i will assign the points regardless for your efforts.
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