Direct printing

I want to be able to set  up direct printing that will enable users to easily select a printer on the network and download the respective drivers.

Installing an AD server is not an option due to cost and using the TCP/IP port is deemed to complicated for the users

I have thought about print servers (something along the lines of external jet direct cards) but this will involve (i am assuming) the adding of drivers

any ideas or better suggestions please ?
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Paolo SantiangeliConnect With a Mentor Consulente InformaticoCommented:
have a look here for some useful script:

Bruce PieterseTechnical LeadCommented:
What type of printer is?
titn003Author Commented:
various different types of printers
Bruce PieterseTechnical LeadCommented:
Ok and you don't want them to be connected to a users computer and shared of course?
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