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No sound when playing videos in any player - various codec packages installed/uninstalled

Last Modified: 2013-12-07
It all started when I went to play a .avi video which I downloaded from my camera - by default it opens in Windows Media Player, it plays the video but there is no sound, an error (red cross) appears to the left of the file name on the right side of the player which, when clicked upon, takes me to a support site telling me I am missing an audio codec.

I then tested other video formats and players and found the following -

.avi and MPEG -
No sound in Ulead Video Studio
No sound in Windows Media Center
No sound in Divx Player

Sound worked in DivX player

I had already downloaded and installed the Vista Codec Package (by shark) so I tried another package which probably just overwrote the same codecs and I tried installing the AAC Directshow Filter Codec separately.

None of this worked, so I uninstalled them all and installed the latest driver for my Creative Labs XFi Fatl1ty card - this didn't work either.

I then tried system restore and went back a few days where some Windows updates had been installed, but this didn't restore the sound either.

So I started again, going onto Google and acquiring information and trying this and that and eventually found myself going round in circles.  It seems that I definitely have an audio codec problem but cannot seem to fix it.

I used Gspot and loaded in a few of my video files and it simply told me that there was an error acquring information on the audio codec.

All system sounds and music work fine.

Do I have a damaged codec?  Any ideas on restoring all my default Vista codecs so that I can start again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts.
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You could try Quicktime Alternative. It's worked well for me. Also you might find other codec related stuff on the site.
Sounds like this is a divx avi file. Is this only happening on the one avi file?
If so here may be a solution: Get yourself a copy of Super (it's invaluable anyway).

Drop the file into Super and convert it to another format -- including the audio -- if it won't convert then there is a problem with the file -- not your PC.
You can (in minutes) convert a file in Super to just about anything, but I would suggest for the first test to convert to MPEG-1 for the video and MPEG-2 for the audio --
In the display box tick "no change" (to the display resolution) The reason I would suggest MPEG-1 is that you may not have the MPEG-2 video codec in your WMP (as it doesn't come standard).

Yes, Super is a great utility.


No, the problem is with all video files, regardless of format.  avi and .mpeg have been tested.  I haven't tested my divx files for a while but last time I tried (when the problem first occurred) they worked fine.


Oh, and the .avi files I am having problems with - they are not divx


I installed Quicktime and it does play the avi files with sound but will not play my MPEG files at all.  This doesn't solve my issue, does anybody actually know what the problem is?
Not sure how to do this in Vista -- but you need to check which soundcard Vista has selected as the default and to check the Windows mixer to see that nothing's muted or turned down too far.
In XP you go to Start Menu /Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices -- clik on Audio Tab and make sure you soundcard is correctly selected in the "Sound Playback" box.


This isn't a volume issue, it is a codec issue - thanks anyway.

I am currently working on it and am going round in circles.  I just installed the AC3filter for the third time because Windows Media Player gave me the error code C00D10D1.

Incidentally GSpot says there are no problems with audio and no codec is needed for PCM audio.

I just went back into Ulead to try again and discovered that it will not play sound on the clip preview but will when playing the entire project - presumably because it renders it in it's own codec and doesn't rely on PCM.

Anyway, sticking to the original problem, I can not hear audio when playing avi or mpeg in Ulead, WMP, WMC or DivX player.


A further clue.  I tried playing these files on another user profile on this machine and it plays them fine, with sound, no problem.  This is now a profile specific issue.

Incidentally, I also tried playing the vids in Winamp - again they play fine.

Have you tried using System Restore to go back to a time when the sound worked properly within your profile?


Yes, tried that - see original post.  Trouble is, Vista doesn't go back any further than about 5 days.
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Is your OS 32 or 64 bit?  Could be an issue if you're running 64 and codecs are 32, other possibilities may be helpful here:
Codecs: frequently asked questions - Vista

The fact that the computer provides sound to other users and you're blocked says you're loading a startup that includes an incompatible interface/driver that others without the problem aren't loading.  Might help to see startup apps/interfaces.



I am almost convinced this relates to a corrupt driver or codec but am confused about the issue only being on my profile.  I have spent so long trying to fix this issue that I have decided one one last thing, a repair.  Can I simply put the Vista DVD in the drive while Windows is running, or do I have to boot from it and select repair?  what will it repair?

If this fails, I will be going back to Windows XP - I run this on all machines in the office with no problems.  I figure the only big loss will be the backup facility and the ability to click once on a file name to rename it and it doesn't highlight the extension - I like this feature but if that is all I'll miss then why spend any more time trying to fix this problem?


Well, seeing as I have had no further help on this, I can only update my findings.  I created a new profile and tried playing the videos in this - no problem.  I noted that the FFDShow codec appeared in the system tray as I played them with Windows Media Player.  So I went back to my profile and downloaded the latest FFDShow program and installed it but this did not help - I could not get into the FFDShow console due to a dll error - as if it hadn't installed properly.

I am now very close to going back to Windows XP - never had these codec issues in that.

Maybe you could try re-registering  that dll or find a copy if it's missing?
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