CAT6 fixed wiring

I understand that CAT6 has more 'shielding' than CAT5/5e.

I just opened up one of the cable ends and I was expecting to see metal foil around the pairs and one around the whole lot.
However, there is not any foil to be seen; just 4 tightly wrapped pairs around a plastic central core.

Is that right?

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RemcovCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep that is correct,
see this (not super clear) picture:
More info over Cat-6 cna be found here:
sheepfarmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for confirming - I was getting worried we'd have to trash the wiring behind the plaster board.

The main difference between cat5e and cat6 is the supported transmission frequency (extension of the available bandwidth from 100 MHz for category 5e to 200 MHz for category 6). In most cases the cat6 is slightly better for cases where you need shielding (electrical or magnectical fields) but if you want something even more performant in those case use shielded cable (either cat 6 or 5e). It's a little more expensive but there is a huge difference.

A quick comparaison between cat6 and 5e:
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