Need Cisco command to convert mac address to ip address

I have a Cisco 3560 that we are trying to determine the ip address of a device that is connected to a given port... We have run "show mac-address-table" and have the mac address but now need to know how to convert that mac address into an IP Address.  Does anyone know the command?
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
If the switch is the default gateway of the device in question, just do a "show arp".
CutshallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you go to any router on the network and show the ARP table, you should be able to resolve the MAC address to an IP. Switches do not understand IP since they work at Layer 2.

Since the switch is working at Layer 2 of the OSI model, you cannot associate an IP address on a port, but only a MAC address and the port it is connected. Also, from a security point of view, a portscan action can be done using a spoofed IP address, so the information given is unreliable.

I would suggest you to do a map of the layer 2 of your network using some simple tool (nmap with -sP option to do a ping sweep of the entire subnet) and gathering the whole information in an Excel file (or equivalent). Once someone asks you to disable a device, you can match the IP address with its MAC address and disable the port you need.

Also you can prevent users from "sniffing" the network by using the "protected port" feature given by Cisco Catalysts. Using the "mac-address sticky" option you will reduce efforts for managing mac address table on each port, while "mac-address maximum 2" will grant that no more than 2 MAC addresses can be applied on that port. Once a device starts an ARP Poisoning process or sniffing (actively) the port will shutdown (or other chosen action policy).
I thought doing a "show arp" will only give you the mac address and the port right?  Since the device is Layer 2, it doesn't really understand IP addresses.
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BPGInfotechAuthor Commented:
Ok... I am going to split the point between the two but give the majority to donjohnston and her is the reason why... I had already stated that I was able to do a show mac-address-table on the switch that I wanted to find the IP address.  By doing this command I can see the mac address associated to a given port.  donjohnsoton mentioned the default gateway and that is the key point here... I tried to do a show arp on our router and it only showed info on what is connected to that device... really just external IP Addresses... but our Firewall I did the show arp and I was able to get the ip address of all devices with their mac address... I then cross referenced the command I did on the switch to get the matcing IP address.  We have a ASA5510 firewall and the show arp command gave me the info...

Thanks for your resposes
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
>I thought doing a "show arp" will only give you the mac address and the port right?  Since the device is Layer 2, it doesn't really understand IP addresses.

The 3560 is a multilayer switch. As such, if IP routing is enabled (and if the device is communicating with the switch), then it's IP address, MAC and port will be displayed in the ARP cache of the switch.
BPGInfotechAuthor Commented:
Show arp on teh 3560 switch gave IP and MAC but only from two of my servers and my firewall the ASA5510.  But the "show mac-address-table" on the 3560 gave me the mac and port... which was half of my issue I knew what port was in question.  So by doing the "show arp" on my ASA I got a list of IP Addresses and Mac Addresses... I then matched the Mac from the mac-address-table command to get the IP Address.
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