Deleting Citrix Published Application fails

I have a Citrix published application that I cannot delete. When I try to delete it I get the following eoor,

Delete Failed

Error deleteing application

Unknown error occured

I have ran DSCHECK /FULL SERVERS /CLEAN and DSCHECK /FULL APPS /CLEAN and it still won't let me delete this one application. I am able to delete other applications fine.

I have tried from a different server also and i get exactly the same problem.

Any ideas?
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mad_oatcakeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Thnaks for that. In the end I had to change the display name, application name and description to someting else and then it let me delete it.
Are you running the latest AMC or checked if the a new AMC or newer components address this issue?

I believe you can specify the "Application Name" and use something like this:

dscheck /full Apps <AppName> /DeleteMF

There's another option as well, but I'm not positive on what the descriptions mean:
o /DeleteMF  Delete the MetaFrame application entry from the data store.
o /DeleteComApp  Delete the common application entry from the data store.

Have have not verified the syntax and you should always be careful when running DSCHECK (i.e. make sure you have a backup of your DS).
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