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Are there any known conflicts with Checkpoint and Juniper VPN?

We have 3 laptop users who are experiencing 2 - 10 Blue Screens of Death per week on average.  They have Checkpoint Secure Remote R55 running (that is our VPN) and one of our customer's VPNs installed which is Juniper Network Connect 5.5.0.  They only seem to get blue screens when connected to the Juniper VPN.  I have had them try stopping the Checkpoint services but that has not helped.  I am leaning towards these two VPNs being the cause of the blue screens, but can not be 100% sure.  Does anyone know of any issues to give me a solid answer or have experienced anything like this a know of a work around?
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I've never heard of any issue like this so I would suspect your client machine config so I would recommend checking that you have your windows up to date with the latest hotfixes and drivers..

You should also consider upgrading your version of SecureRemote to the R60 version - they're all backwardly compatible so no need to worry about that.

Like I say, I've never come across this issue so I believe it unlikely to be the VPN clients ..

Hope this helps!
quite often, there are conflicts between vpn clients from various vendors as they tie into the same network driver. If you see checkpoint's vpn client for eg and look under the properties of the network adaptor (both lan & wireless), you'll see something like checkpoint securemote - try unchecking that and keep it like this for a few days and see if you get the Blue screen. Note that you won't be able to use checkpoint client as long as you keep this unselected

in general it's a bad idea to have two vpn clients installed and vendors will warn you about this in their readme files
I concur with billwharton.  Having 2 VPN clients does tend to screw with virtual adaptors, however, I have Juniper NC and CP secureclient installed and both work fine.

I would suggest uninstalling both and then connect to the Juniper VPN to download their version of NC.  Once connected, disconnect, and install the latest version of SC.

Doing that has corrected all the issues I have seen with virtual VPN adaptors in windoze.
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