How do you close a cursor in SQL 2000 in production?

We have a VB6/SQL Server 2000 app running. We got the "A cursor with the name of ... already exists' error. After that, we've been getting an 'Unspecified Error' error message from the same process. Assuming that the new errors come from the open cursor, how do we close down the cursor on our production machine?

As for the code, I'm fixing the underlying problem, it did not close and deallocate the cursor when errors might occur.
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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you might be able to use SET CURSOR_CLOSE_ON_COMMIT to do what you want...but overall, you just have to be diligent when writing the code to take care of these scenarios
close cursorname
deallocate cursorname
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:
Sounds simple. But in order to know if this is going to work, how do I test to see if the cursor is open? DO i just log onto the production machine and run those commands in SQL Query Analyzer?
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The problem most likely stems from the same cursor being declared at different stages of the procedure stack.

So if procedure up_Proc1 declares, opens, closes and deallocates a cursor called dataCursor, but if somewhere inside of up_proc2, the cursor name dataCursor is ALSO declared, opened, closed and deallocated, you will get this error.

create procedure up_proc1
declare datacursor cursor for
open  datacursor
fetch next.....
while @@fetch_Status=0

exec up_proc2 @someVariable

fetch next...
close  datacursor
deallocate  datacursor
you can use the CURSOR_STATUS function
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:
It did not work.

I entered this in Query Analyzer:
cursor_status curoption

and got this message:
Server: Msg 2812, Level 16, State 62, Line 1
Could not find stored procedure 'cursor_status'.
I think it has to be on the same connection...
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:
I just looked up this function in Books Online. It looks like you have to use it within the procedure that opens the cursor. That's not my situation, I need to know if I can determine the status of cursor that was opened by a procedure in a production environment, and then, if the cursor is open, close and deallocate the cursor.

I did identify and fix the cause of my particular problem. There was an exception within the cursor loop and the 'error trap' set uip in the code did not close and deallocate the cursor. Hence, it was left open and subsequent calls resulted in the error.

However, I'd still like to know if there is a way to monitor a cursor and shut it down if anything like this happens again.
That needs to be handled in the procedure code.  A cursor should never be declared and not deallocated.
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:
Looks like there may not be a way to do what I want. Since this was informative, I'll award points and close this out.
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