Stored Procedure??

I have someone running MAS500. There is a "custom procedure" which imports daily stock qoutes into the application. Basically, it appears to import a Excel spreadsheet into MAS500. The problem is there is only one user who can actually run the "procedure" from within MAS500. If anyone else tries to execute it the import fails, I don't beleive there is a error it just doesn't import the quotes. According to the user everyone within MAS500 has the same rights, so it shouldn't be due to program level rights. How and where would I begin to determine permissions for this type of procedure.? I know this is a minmal amount of info to go off of, but any details you guys may need, let me know and I'll answer them the best I can...

*In SQL under Data Transformation Services -> Local Packages -> the procedure "Transfer Stock Quotes" is listed. Again, not being a SQL guru or MAS500 guru for that matter, I'm not sure if running the procedure from within MAS500 is simply calling this package or what.....

Any help is appreciated...
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look at the procedure and see where it is pulling the xls from.  Verify that the users running the procedure, have rights to the location where that xls file is stored.  It is probably on a network location that some users don't have access to.
hookssystemsAuthor Commented:
I may have used improper wording above. It appears that this is a MAS500 "Task" which I can't seem to see many details about. The steps for this whole process are:

1). User retrieves four .csv files with stock quotes from the Internet, places them in specific directory.
2). Batch file is ran from within that directory which compiles the four .csvs into one csv.
3)  From within MAS500 a "IM Custom Import" task is ran which imports the csv into MAS500

* I beleive step 3 is when it calls the SQL Local Package  "TransferStockQuotes".
When I look at the diagram for the local package I can see where it is using the compiled CSV as the input source, it then appears to attach to the MAS500 database, then executes a SQL task "execute spUpdateStockQuotes go"

The directories where the compiled csvs and the batch file exist have full rights for the required users.

Where would this "spUpdateStockQuotes" exist??
hookssystemsAuthor Commented:
Also, how can a look at details for the MAS500 task "IM Custom Import"?
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
The spUpdateStockQuotes sounds like a store procedure - so look there in your database - use Enterprise Manager, browse to your database, expand that and you will see a "stored procedures" folder - should be in there... Could also use Query Analyser (use the "show objects" for the object explorer on the left), when you locate it right click and open to new query window as a "create" - that way it will not save again if you accidentally go to run it , or change it (the create will fail because it already exists).

I would say it is likely set up with Windows Authentication - or some kind of profile that SQL server is acknowledging for that one person...

Cannot help you with MAS500 - sorry, but if there is a manual...

hookssystemsAuthor Commented:
I was able to find the procedure "spUpdateStockQuotes". When I look at permissions, the only object that has EXEC permissions is "ApplicationDBRole". The user who is able to run the procedure does not have the EXEC permission enabled on her account. Maybe she is a member of "ApplicationDBRole"???
hookssystemsAuthor Commented:
I have just found that all users are members of "ApplicationDBRole"???
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Yep, sounds as if you are on the right track...
hookssystemsAuthor Commented:
Well after digging through the "mechanism" I found that everyone has the same permissions within SQL in regards to the task. So I began to look back at MAS500 and found some differences in program level permissions. Changed those for a user to test and still have the issue. The error generated when he clicks the MAS500 "task" is:

"Run-Time error-2147418105 (80010007)
Automation error
The callee (Server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid.  The call may have executed."

I'm assuming the "task" is written in VB but from the looks of things this is a generic error that I can't seem to find any specifics about..
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Ummmm, cannot really help with the MAS side of things, can you place a support call ? I cannot login, but you should be able to :

But you are likely correct it is VB or VBA - and that error does exist in winerror.h, and yes, it is not very detailed...  see :

It should be possible to run those steps externally (or from a SQL query window) and see it it does execute.

hookssystemsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input guys. The consulting company that originally designed the mechanism will be taking care of it.

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