Configure server 2003

I have a server 2003 network and I have seen the small business server edition at another place and I really like the remote web workplace feature where you can go to one website address and from there you can login and open your email, files, remote desktop client and servers etc. and it all uses one port forwarding to be setup.

Is it possible to set this up on my server 2003 enterprise r2 version?
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, it cannot. The RWW is only available on an SBS; for non-SBS networks, you would have to buy into some other solution, or produce something similar yourself in order to have this kind of remote access.
andrewjones1987Author Commented:
how can i do it myself???
tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The link to emails is easy - that is merely a hyperlink on a page which points towards your OWA Web Access site's URL.
The access to documents remotely can be achieved using the method I showed you before: http:Q_23395272.html
Remote Desktop Client is the most difficult one out of the lot - the only easy way I can think of doing this is by investing in Server 2008, which would allow you to use Terminal Services Gateway to remotely connect to any of the machines behind the firewall.

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