CSS div overflows over bottom div in firefox

I've got a div that is overflowing its container and is running over the bottom div.  IE6 displays as it should, however firefox is messing up.
The url is http://www.forgehammer.com/fh_hair_blue/index.php?m=appointment

If you go to the website, the div that is messing up is the form on the right that I'm inserting in.  

I'm adding in a file that has its own css so the two are confusing me as to what needs done.
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Brad Dobyns, CSMConnect With a Mentor ScrumMasterCommented:
try this:

Remove the height:545px; from the #right style.

If it breaks IE6, put it back with a hack like this: _height:545px;
IE6 only reads the underscore.

Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterCommented:
Do you have Firebug for your Firefox?
Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterCommented:
Did that work for you?
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baumli1Author Commented:
Thanks for this, yes, I have Firebug, thanks for reminding me.  Never thought to use it.
baumli1Author Commented:
Worked great.  Thanks for reminding me about Firebug, made the change in it, and worked.  Going to use that more often.
Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterCommented:
Glad to help. Thanks for the points.
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