Unable to map network drives on Vista

I have a Server 2003 domain with all XP workstations.  Network drives are mapped via login scripts (.bat files).  I have a compination of direct server based shares and replicated DFS network shares that.
My scripts work fine with the XP machines but not any of the new Vista machines, unless the user is part of the domain administrator group.  I have disabled UAC on the Vista machine.
When the login script runs, the direct server network shares get mapped but the DFS shares do not.  Here is an example of my script:
@echo off

net use f: /d
net use i: /d
net use s: /d
net use t: /d
net use w: /d
net use p: /d
net use u: /d
net use f: \\houfs01\data
net use i: \\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\Corporate
net use s: \\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\ILS
net use t: \\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\IEG
net use w: "\\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\Wealth Services"
net use p: "\\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\Private Capital"
net use U: \\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\ICM
In the example above, if a user logs in (not a member of the administrator group), this script runs.  He will get the f: \\houfs01\data drive, but none of the DFS drives.  It has something to do with rights in Vista since when I log into a vista machine, all of my drives map properly, but I am a domain admin.  Normal users DFS drives do not map.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Of course mapping DFS shares (using net use for example) is supported and we are doing it without problems. Server: 2003 R2, Clients: Vista SP1. Mark, there are several ways to map a drive. What happens if you use the windows explorer menu to map it? You could also map drives using a GPO (with group policy preferences CSE installedon the clients), see
Group Policy Preferences FAQ
An Overview of Group Policy Preferences

But before reading just test manual mapping. By the way, are you on SP1? Is the server on SP2? Maybe just a bug long solved by an SP.
Log on as standard user and execute net use i: \\investlinc\dfs\InvestlincData\Corporate visible at the command prompt and return with the error message.
Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
use a vbs logon script

there is a lot of thoses here on this forum

search for my name, i already posted a full logon script, long and short versions for vista
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Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
markcondiffAuthor Commented:
Wildboy85, I may take a look at the VBS scripts but for now they are too complicated (if they are the only solution, then I will go that route).  

Per McKnife's request, I entered the "net use" command from the command prompt and got the following error: "System error 67 has occurred.  The network name cannot be found."
Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
try a little harder

in my post i extract the main parts, and explain a lot ;)


i do not think net use support DFS drive mapping
(some windows application does not even support it!!!)
markcondiffAuthor Commented:
The servers are Server 2003 R2 SP2.  The Vista desktop is Vista Business SP1.  
Ok, this is getting hard to troubleshoot because it is not consistent.  I had logged in as a regular domain user and everything mapped the first time.  Then I restart and it does not map with the logon script the second time.  I then removed the user profile (from users in system properties and deleted the user folder under the Users folder on C:.  The next time I logged in as that user, it said it could not load the profile (I figured it would recreate it as it does in XP).  I continued to get this error.  I then had to go in and delete the user SID from the registry and the next time I logged in as that user, it recreated the profile.
The first time I logged in again with the new profile, it mapped the network drive fine.  The second time, it didn't, only the non-DFS drives.
I can map the DFS drives manually.  As a matter of fact, I can go to \\Server\Netlogon and double click the exact logon script and it runs fine and maps all drives, including the DFS drives.
One more thing, when I login (when the script does NOT map the drives), the User Home folder/drive specified in the domain user profile does not map either (it is also a DFS share).
markcondiffAuthor Commented:
I tried the same thing with a new profile.  The first 3 times I logged in, everything mapped fine.  The 4th - 5th times, it didn't.  Very inconsistent.  I log in, then restart the computer each time.
By the way, all windows updates are current on the vista machine.
The 6th time, I tried just logging off and then logging back on rather than restarting and this time it mapped the drives.
I then restarted and it did not map the drives.  Manually running the logon script mapped the drives.
Well, sorry for you. Try mapping via gpp.
markcondiffAuthor Commented:
I will keep working and post anything I find out. Thanks for your help.
Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
do you have the policy that tell windows to wait for the network to start before loggin in?
markcondiffAuthor Commented:
Yes, I actually used a sleep command in the script which seemed to work.  
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