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A client complained that someone in their office had purchased a desktop printer for their area and it was really eating up the ink cartridges. He asked me for a recommendation on a replacement. He just needs to print black and white.

My thought is a laser may be more economical, probably less cost per print using the toner instead of the ink cartridges, and maybe longer lasting and more reliable depending on what we buy. But printers are not my area of expertise so I wanted to get some feedback on my thinking. Am I on the right track?

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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lasers are always more economical than inkjets. Inkjets use ink every time they are switched on; some manage to put as little as 50% of a cartridge on the paper, the rest is wasted.

For low-cost mono printing, look at the Samsung models. Also, the more expensive the printer, the cheaper the printing costs will be (usually, anyway). If using HP, look at third-party or refilled cartridges. For colour, look at colour lasers; they are getting really cheap. However, when printing black only they are somewhat more expensive to run than a mono laser. Colour, of course, is more expensive still. And I recommend using original cartridges for colour lasers.
Jerrod_WConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Standard B&W printing, I like Dell 1720dn. Plus you get replacement and support and the like.
Zac HarrisConnect With a Mentor Systems Administrator Commented:
Dell printers are good but you have to buy your toner through Dell which can get expensive. I know they have allowed certain retailers ( Mainly Staples) to carry ink for their printers but one that is good for cost is HP. When you buy an HP you buy one unit and the toner and the drum are all replaced at the same time with one piece rather than Dell where you buy the Toner and then when the drum unit goes yuou have to replace it as well.

One HP that I am partial to is the HP LaserJet P2015 Printer. I have several of these units around the office and they get the job done and they are not bad on the wallet either they start at $249.00 and go up depending on the accessories you choose.

Here is a Link to the printer so you can have a closer look. 
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>>  My thought is a laser may be more economical, probably less cost per print using the toner instead of the ink cartridges, and maybe longer lasting and more reliable depending on what we buy    <<   correct

you can use the live assistance, or help me choose from HP to select a printer (even if you don't buy a HP, it will help determine what you want ) :
westoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help everyone. I'm leaning toward Dell for the warranty and convenience. We are already ordering several pieces of network equipment from them, and they have a decent selection of Lasers.
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westoneAuthor Commented:
Point awarded based on the value of the advice given.
Thanks for the points, westone. Hope you're happy with the Dells. I'm not very keen on Dell as I find that their support, at least for printers, is not too hot.
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