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What would cause server services (i.e.server, netlogon) to not start?

Last Modified: 2012-06-27
This server is a terminal services server.   I made 2 changes to this server:  1) updated the registry on this server to point to a new terminal licensing server and 2) changed the drive letter on the hard drive with the data (physically separate from the hard drive with the OS).   I then rebooted.    After rebooting I see the error message "At least one service failed....check Event Viewer..).   I checked Event Viewer and found I couldn't open any of the messages.   I then checked services and found that very few services had actually started, including:  Server, NetLogon, and many others that were supposed to start automatically.   When I tried to manually start them I got either "access denied" errors or more frequently " the dependencies service or group failed to start".    I'm thinking I'll probably just have to reinstall the OS, which isn't a huge deal, but I'd sure like to know why it quit working when the changes I made were (I thought) fairly minor.   I even went back and took out the change I made to the registry.   I can't imagine changing the drive letter would make a difference but I can't change it back anyway because Disk Management won't open.    
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Possibly that there is a problem with the Logon As account. What account is specified as Logon As for these services?

That's good advice cammj:

I wish to stick around a little and help out, but your advice was the same I was going to give. Could you provide more details to the author, like what those settings should be? Netlogon is dependent on the Workstation service applet and the server service is independent.


Tricia, What I recommend that you do is:

From Start, Click Run, In the run dialog box type "services.msc" without quotations

What you want to do is find services which startup type is set to Automatic, but the status is not "Started", this most likely means that the service failed to load during boot up.

Right click on a Service, and go to Properties.

On the log on tab, tell us what account is set as "logon as". Second, go to the Dependencies tab and tell us what services the service depends on. It might be a problem with the actual service, or any of the services dependencies. It may be that the registry setting you changed caused one of the dependencies to fail. It could have also effected the "Logon As" user.


Thanks so much for your replies.

I actually did try to go "Services" and look at the properties.   Unfortunately, as with the Event Logs, I can't open the properties on the services.   I tried to start all the services that were listed as "automatic" but weren't started, but I couldn't get any of them to work.   I ended up going to another server to see if I could at least see what services were dependent on others and found that many were dependent on the "Workstation" service.    When I try to start that service I get the error that "service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely manner".   So, I think the issue can be narrowed down the Worskstation service.   I don't know why it isn't responding.   I'm thinking that something got corrupt in Windows and I'll first try to recover it and if that doesn't work just reinstall it.   Unless anyone knows what might kickstart the workstation service.


OK, I ended up just repairing Windows (reinstalling Windows with Repair option) and everything seems to be working again.   I wish I knew what I did to cause the problem in the first place, but having it work is the important thing.  Thanks to everyone who responded.

Let's look at the health of this machine.
Please look at FRS logs and see if you have any event errors in the 13000's.
Also run a DCdiag report and netdiag report looking for any discrepancies.

Post your discrepancies here.


OK, stupid question, but how do I view the logs and run the DCdiag  reports.    

The FRS debug logs are under a folder called Debug in your Windows directory, alternatively FRS information can be found on any given Replication Partner in the Event Viewer (But as you mentioned before you cant access this).

DCDiag is a tool that comes with the Windows Server Support Tools, you can find these on the original installation disk, or at http://download.microsoft.com

DCDiag will give you some serious information about the health of your Domain Controller.

Event logs should also have a FRS section in it.

For dcdiag>>go to the command prompt and type dcdiag /verbose.
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