Yahoo meesenger Error


Yahoo messenger strange error.
when try to send message through yahoo messenger getting this strange error.

I even re-install yahoo messenger but in vain

Posting screen shot of the error

If i press NO to debug . I get other error

Screen shot of that error is also posted

As i just tested that yahoo messenger is working in my new windows xp account.

I made a new account in windows xp and the yahoo messenger is working in that account.

Like in x windows account yahoo messenger is giving error but in y windows account  yahoo messenger is working without any problem

I even  try both the latest final version of yahoo messenger 9 and 8 butt in vain

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DMTechGrooupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would just create a new user profile for the one thats not working.. has to be corrupt registry or something...  Just copy all the documents/favs/etc. over.  You will spend more time try to figure it out then it would be worth.
From another site:

Yes i have *Finally* resolved this problem.. its very easy!

go to C:
Program files
Yahoo then enter the folder of messenger..
next click on "Plugin_selector" it will open IE
then allow the pupop for active X.
once this is done, close the browser and open Yahoo Messenger. it will work properly after that.
pankusareenAuthor Commented:
There is no file or folder name Plugin_selector
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How about the next post there:

That solution worked for me for like five minutes until I restarted and then it never worked since. However I have found the problem and the solution. If you have Hotfix for Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB947864) uninstall it and you will find that you no longer have any problems. I by mistake installed this update before I even had Internet Explorer 7 how and why? I don't know must had just went to update and saw updates selected all and let it update without taking any notice. I got Internet Explorer 7 now anyway as I installed that to see if that would fix the problem never did. I suggest using Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the Hotfix for Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB947864) as you can pretty mush use it for any program and remove every last trace of the program from your hard drive and registry. I hope this helps anyone else that is having this problem or will have it in the future as clearly Yahoo and Microsoft are not going to do anything about it as for what I have seen this problem has been around for like since 2006.
pankusareenAuthor Commented:
There is no Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB947864) . But there is Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB938127) I will try to uninstall  it  and reply back.
pankusareenAuthor Commented:
I even uninstall this Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB938127) but still the same problem
Since it only happens in one persons profile then it is probably a registry thing..

Look in the HKCU for yahoo messenger keys.. not sure how many would be there.. see if the are different from another users HKCU keys...

also.. look under that users application data and local data from c:\documents and settings (you will have to unhide them by showing system protected files)... see for yahoo directories.
pankusareenAuthor Commented:
still not working . I even uninstall yahoo messenger and delete all the left over files of yahoo messenger and even remove the traces of yahoo messenger from the registry but still not working.
pankusareenAuthor Commented:
As i am encounter other problem also . So i plan to fresh install  every thing. But i think u are right if a  encounter this problem again i will use this method to copy my setting from one profile to other
pankusareenAuthor Commented:
If any final proper solution is available its good
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