Data insertion into varbinary column

i have following table in the mysql.
create table test123 (  name varchar(30), binarynum varbinary(200)).
how to insert data into the table test123.
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libin_vConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You I have answered your question in

insert into test123 values ( "test", 0x2165489765464546748976465465798 );

You give the data in a Hex Format got instance "012345" in hex is 0x3031323333435 where
30 is ASCII value of 0
31 -> 1

So total you can insert values 00 to FF

pavanarkAuthor Commented:
here you are inserting hex values.

lets say i have varchar(10)  datatype value. i want to insert  it into varbinary columns. how to do?
Give an example of data you want to insert...
pavanarkAuthor Commented:
for example
values that you can print can be inserted directly....

insert into test123 values ( "test", "123" );
insert into test123 values ( "test", "100" );

Non Printable data can be inserted using HEX values
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