I just went live with an exchange server, and it is sending but not recieving email!

Ok fellas, here's an emergency for any late-nighters.
After about a month of planning, I just went live with an exchange server.
I'm using network solutions for DNS, and a company called appriver for the outside spam filtering.  According to their instructions,  I was to forward MX records  to server531.appriver.com and server532.appriver.com at priorities 10 and 20 respectively.  Also, in system manager I was instructed to right click on Default Virtual SMTP server and edit the Allow access from the following ip addresses only.  Appriver gave me a list of about 20 servers to add, and I added them meticulously.

Now the server can send email, but It cannot recieve email.  When I log into appriver, I can see that it is getting hit by spam for the domain, and it claims to have about 14 peices of legitimate mail.  When I do an MX lookup on mxtoolbox.com I can see that it is sending to the servers that I added.  I am sending email from my gmail account and my yahoo account to Thomas (the owner) and checking his email through outlook web access and it is not showing up.

I have ports 80, 1734, 444, 443, 25 forwarded to the mail server from the router, but from what I understand only 25 is at play in this scenario.  What else do I need to do?
This is quite an emergency... if I can't get it resolved in about an hour I'm going to flip the switch back to the old pop server.

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ok first things first!
we use appriver. so i should be able to help.

log on to http://my.appriver.com
click the tools button
click the Delivery queue link
please advise if mail is being queued up? or if there isnt a queue.

i take it your mx records are correct and pointing to the correct appriver server?

for now just accept any connections rather than just the appriver servers till you get it all sorted. Then once mail is working in and out reneter the server ips again.

are you 100% port 25 is being forwarded correct? to check this do this:
connect to a computer from the internet from an external source like home boradband or another office.
click start > run
type CMD
enter "telnet exchangeServerIPAddress 25" e.g. if my server mail adress was i would do this
telnet 25
if you get a black screen with 2 or 3 likes of text then port 25 is being forwarded. if you get cannot connect to on port 25 then port forwarding is not working.
please advise
opl3saAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help.
First thing I did was go to appriver and do as you said.  There does not seem to be ANY mail in the hold que.  A blank page with just a button that says release queue, when I clicked it nothing seemed to come about.

Second thing I did was try to telnet into the ip address directly,
I could not do it.  Can you?  What is wrong with this #$(*&% router
I forward the port but it doesn't not forward?  This is a business FIOS with unrestricted port 25 as evidenced by outgoing email.
Thanks for all your help.
opl3saAuthor Commented:
You know something, I believe something is the matter with this Verizon FIOS router.  It is the biggest peice of garbage I have ever laid my mitts on.  Get this.  I've had to buy a wireless G access point because the wireless shuts off randomly on it.  Ever since the access points, no problem.
As we speak, I cannot log into the router's configuration page.  After about 5 minutes of hang, it gives me a page cannot be displayed.  Suits me right for trying to go live with an exchange server remotely, right?  I forwarded back the MX records to their pop 3 account.  Right now I have them popping their email into an exchange store in preparation for the move.  I guess tomorrow night...
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opl3saAuthor Commented:
Excellent and thorough.  He even knew appriver interface!!!
glad i could help, but get your port forwarding working on the exchange box before you go back to appriver.
once you know you can telnet on port 25 to the exchange box you can then point bac kto appriver.
opl3saAuthor Commented:
But one additional question.  Why would the delivery queue be empty on the appriver interface?
in theory it should be building up? tahts what happes here if we take our server offline for e.g. 1000s of mail is queued at appriver. then released when it is online again.

remeebr you can always contact appriver to help you. there very good like that.
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