How i can access the remote network behind a VPN connection between 2 endpoints?

I have already setted up and running a VPN connection between my office and the remote location.

In my end i have a Watchguard Firebox x1250e and in the other end i have a Zyxel P653HWI-13 modem/router.

The Zyxel has 6 more VPN connections to other remote locations.

What i must do in order to gain access to the other 6 VPN connections? I mean, how i will be able to ping their IPs? Is this possible?

In my local trusted network i have the following:

The Zyxel has:

The other VPN endpoints tha are connected to the Zyxel are:
and so on....

Thanks in advance,
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let me back track a bit; so the setup is as below:

                                                    |         |
                                                    |         |
                                                  VPN     VPN
                                                    |         |
                                                    |         |
                                                 dev2    dev3
and so on...

if above is the setup; then what I adviced earlier would not work; I was thinking that Zyxel has multiple subnet; but reading the question again carefull I think above is the setup.

If so, then Zyxel acts as central hub and every other device communicates to each other through Zyxel. There are two ways in which you wish can be accomplished:
1. Create VPN between the individual devices, rather than through zyxel.
2. If you wish to have zyxel act as central device [called VPN crunchiing as well], have configuration as below:
Firebox -- all the settings currently are adequate
Zyxel, it would have entries like
VPN gateway firebox; local subnet;.11.0/24, .12.0/24, so on; remote
And also reverse; for each device as:
VPN gateway dev1; local, .2.0/24; remote
VPN gateway dev2; local, .2.0/24; remote
and so on
Finally on each device, you would have settings as:
VPN gateway Zyxel; local, remote, .2.0/24

I am not sure if Zyxel or other devices would support this configuration; you might want to consider implementing option 1 instead.

Thank you.
You need to add multiple routing policy and specify the local and remote subnet on WG as below:

Local                     Remote
and so on

You would use the same gateway; it is advisable to use different tunnel for each routing policy; however; not enforced strictly. You should also allow access for all the subnets in the ANY or the specific service you have already configured for the VPN.

On Sonicwall; you would need to add mutliple local and remote subnet in the same manner as above and also allow in the policy.

Please implement and update.

Thank you.
PredatorGRAuthor Commented:
dpk wal thanks for your comment, i user WSM 10.2.2 and Fireware 10.2.2, where exactly do i have to enter the routes in Policy Manager?

Please note that the other end uses a Zyxel router, not a Sonicwall.
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PredatorGRAuthor Commented:
Also, which gateway i should prefer?
In Policy Manager; go to VPN->Branch Office Tunnels; click Add; from gateway drop-down select the gateway you have added for Zyxel; here you specify the local and remote subnets; as I said earlier in a single tunnel you can add multiple local/remote subnets or you can add one tunnel each for every local/remote subnets.

As you have ver 10.x the policies can be added using the wizard. For Zyxel also you need to add local/remote subnet pair.

Thank you.
PredatorGRAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, i've done all this but i get the following error when i try to ping an IP behind the router.

2008-10-03 21:29:05 Deny icmp-Echo   1-Trusted Ktest/IPsec  SA deleted or negotiation failed, firewall drop    (Ping-00)  rc="201"       Traffic
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