Multiple rows to make individually AJAX calls

This is my script:

I need to make multiple rows which makes individually ajax calls: F.ex if i Write number 1000 in ID4, it makes the ajax call and insert the result in field "Firstname4":
Se so you understand what i meen (this example is not working.)
I have tried different solutions, but no luck :( Can somebody please help me? I dont know how to start or end.

The "Getuser.asp" is just a select case. I will change it to a database call when the script is working.

<%select case request.querystring("getClientImput")
	case "1111"
		response.write "formObj.firstname.value = 'John'; "
	case else
		response.write "formObj.firstname.value = 'Jesper'; "
end select%>

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Jesper ChristensenProgrammerAsked:
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Jesper ChristensenConnect With a Mentor ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I found a solution: onblur="getClientData(,'jesper')

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