How to communicate with a device over USB from C# desktop application

Hi All
1)I want to communicate with device send data to device/read data from device over USB port using C# desktop application. I have been using SerialPort from C# application and it is pretty simple. I do not know how different it would be for USB port.
2)Now I want to switch my code from communicating to a device via serial port to USB port. Do I need any additional dll/driver/library etc in order to do that.

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mdude2008Author Commented:
I am using Visual Studio 2008 .NET 3.5 framework
mdude2008Author Commented:
Thanks. I am looking into it.
I found all of these resources / links online as well - but they did not help me get Visual Studio applications communicating (or even finding) USB devices.  

I'd be happy if I could even proof-of-concept a connection to any obvious USB peripheral on my Windows 7 machine - does anyone have any suggestions which are code-specific?

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