Expression Web 2 having difficulty working with site on a network drive.

I am using Expression Web 2 working on websites that are many years old and were developed in Front Page.  It seems to really struggle with network drives.  

Depending on how I open my site it will misbehave.  If I open the website on a shared network drive with an assigned drive letter (we will call it S:) then I have trouble using the Save As feature.  If I open a file and try to Save as to make a copy of a page for editing it will save the file but open a second Expression Web window with the same site but the path reference will be \\server\site instead of S:.  So I close this second instance and referesh the EW with the site that was opened from the S: drive so that I can see the second file that I just created.

So to resolve this problem I thought that I would just work with the site from the network path instead of a shared network drive.  Now the problem I have discovered is that whenever I go to add a hyperlink it ads it as an absolute reference to my file system rather than a relative reference.  A link on page 2 to my home page shows up as:
instead of
If I go back to opening my site using the network drive S: then the references are relative like they should be.

Another problem I am having is that find and replace works differently depending on if I opened my site as S:\site or \\server\site.  It is hit and miss but if I cannot search and replace a particlar string when my site is opened from S: I will close the site and open it from \\server\site and then the find and replace will work.

Is there a know issue using Expression Web 2 on a network drive?

By the way the server has Windows 2003 SBS and the client is using Windows XP Pro.
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JatherConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The solution you are referring to talks about forcing the program to build code with absolute hyperlinks rather than relative hyperlinks.

My problem is that Expression Web performs differently and some features will not work at all depending on the location of the site I am working on.  I have a site that is on a web server.  I published it to a local hard drive and to a network drive.  If I use Expression web to edit the site on the server or the same site on my local drive it behaves the way I would expect.  If I edit that same site that but on my network drive it becomes buggy for some reason.

I may have to go to Microsoft to find a solution for this one although it is entirely possible that it has something to do with how my network is configured rather than Expression Web.  I am at a loss for possible solutions.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
Mapped drives are user-specific. If you log in to a computer and map a drive, other users who log in to that computer will not see that mapped drive.

If you map a drive with the intention of allowing other users of the same computer to publish to the mapped drive, keep in mind that you will need to map the drive for each user individually.
JatherAuthor Commented:
I have mapped the network drive identically on multiple computers.  For some reason Expression Web seems to be confused when the site it is editiing is on a shared drive.  References are absolute instead of relative and the Save As feature does not work properly even though I am always editing the site using the same computer.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
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