Best way to filter email on a shared mailbox?


We have a mailbox which is viewed by about six different people.  In this mailbox are some subfolders. What is the best way to filter email so, for example, everything from one particular domain goes to a specific sub folder?

I've thought about creating a client side rule, but the downside would be that when that person is off or outlook is not running the rule won't be processed and email won't be filtered.

We are running Exchange server 2003 and Outlook 2007.

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RudramConnect With a Mentor Commented:
* Check the mailbox attributes on Active Directory if it has OWA enabled for that mailbox. Also while accessing it use the email address prefix or the alias name for that mailbox as per the recipient policy.

* That would look like "http://exchangeserver/exchange/alias or /email id prefix. Also make sure that you have got proper mailbox access rights on that mailbox

Good Luck (^_^)
I don't know if this is specific to Exchange 2007, but couldn't you create a server-side rule as follows:

If the message includes specific words in the sender's address move it to the specified folder.

So, for specific words you could use the domain name (e.g.
* Yes ofcourse you can set a server side rule, open the mailbox using OWA and create a rule which would be running from the server side without the need for the outlook client to be open

Hope this helps (^_^)
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soreilly80Author Commented:

I've tried that. Outlook tells me it will become a 'client-side rule'.  I even went back into the rule and modified and removed the check mark against 'on this machine only'.  Outlook still told me this was going to be a 'client-side rule'.
soreilly80Author Commented:
Hi Rudram,

Next problem. The mailbox won't open via OWA.  I log in and get presented with "This page cannot be found".  OWA does work because other people can login - including myself.
soreilly80Author Commented:
Many thanks Rudram.

I have now accepted your solution and granted you the points.
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