Show this folder as an email Address book for Contacts is greyed out in Outlook 2003

I have one user who is unable to see her contacts.  When I go to check the "Show this folder as an email Address book" for Contacts it is grayed out.  Others in her department are fine and can check or uncheck the feature.

Running XP3 Pro with Active Directory.  I believe this is a corruption or issue with her registry.
Any direction would be welcomed.

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Paolo SantiangeliConnect With a Mentor Consulente InformaticoCommented:
regosnellAuthor Commented:
That adds a new contact list, but does not address the current one.  I want the current one to be available.
Hello regosnell,

If the above does not work, create a new Outlook profile.

Hope this helps!
regosnellAuthor Commented:
Reading is something I didn't do very well.  This solution worked perfectly.  Thanks for helping me out.
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