Citrix PS 4.5 Printing Using Imported Network Print Server

I'm setting up PS 4.5 in a new farm on a new server running Windows Server 2003.  I want all users who log into the server to be able to print to any of the 25 printers defined on my (non-Citrix) print server (\\MyDomain\Ops) running Windows 2000 Server.

I've selected "Import Network Print Server..." (from Citrix Presentation Server Console | Printer Management) and all the printers show up (at least there are values in the Shared Name and Server columns there).  I've also created a policy called "Printing" where I've enabled session printers and added all the printers from \\MyDomain\Ops.  However, none of these printers appear in the Printers and Faxes dialog when logged into the server locally or through an ICA client.

How do I get the printers to auto-create when a user logs on to the server?
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May sound obvious,  but have you applied the policy?  By themselves, a Citrix policy wont do anything unless it is applied to an object such as a group, client name, IP address etc.  Just right-click the policy and select 'Apply this policy to', then filter by user.
RAHopkinsonAuthor Commented:
Silly me--I read the word "Filter" and thought restrictions.  Applying the filter (to the server, in this case) fixed the problem.
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