Need to resove address for website hosted internally.

We host a website which we can get to using the server name or internal IP of the server from within the network. On the outside we can get to it using  What needs to be configured so that I can use the same from the inside?

Please note that we do not have a static IP but rather use a Dynamic DNS service to access our network from the outside. Does this affect the situation?

Thanks in advance.
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willettmeisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easy way is to add a hosts entry on your computer.  Would look something like  The hosts file is in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc.
valheru_mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hosts file would be easiest if you have a small number of machines. However, maintaining hosts files is a bit of a chore and I like to avoid implementing workstation level fixes if at all possible to prevent future headaches.  

Alternate solution will work IF the following is true:

1) Your DNS for is hosted externally (your internal servers dont answer to outside requests for

2)  You have your own internal DNS server that only accepts requests from internal machines, and all internal machines are configured to use it as their primary DNS server

If those conditions are already met or can easily be met, you can add a domain on your internal DNS server for and point the www record to the internal ip address of the web server.  This will result in internal machines getting the local ip address for the web site since they use the local DNS server, and outside machines will still get the public ip address since they dont use your internal DNS server for resolution.
daarchiveAuthor Commented:
Both solutions are great. Due to a few limitations I am going with the host file, but if I use .com at the end of the (in the host file) it fowards me to the router of the office. If I remove the .com it works perfect. Any ideas?
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daarchiveAuthor Commented:
Ok. So I think the problem is the motorola router we are using. Even if using the i get the router rather than the website waiting at port 80. Any suggestions on getting around this? This is only a problem internally.
can you change the http port for the router?  I assume it is the admin page that you are getting?  Change it to like 8080 or something
daarchiveAuthor Commented:
Yes. It is the admin page. I am looking through this router and it looks like the change can only be made for remote admin. Are you familiar with Motorola routers?
no what model router is it I will look up the manual and try to help you
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