I need to enable TLS

I need to enable TLS for incoming and outgoing emails. I have a front end server and back end server. Which server do i need to apply the certificate for on the SMTP virtual directory?
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sstone55423Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is the SMTP portion that you asked specifically about:
1) Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
2) Expand Administrative Groups 1(if appropriate), expand AdministrativeGroup (if appropriate), expand Servers, expand ServerName, and then expand Protocols.
3) Right-click the Secure SMTP VS, and then click Properties.
4) Click the Access tab, and then click Certificate to set up new key certificates and to manage key certificates that are installed for the SMTP virtual server. See the appropriate article for more details on using certificates with Virtual Servers in Exchange Server:

The MS Exchange team covered this well -- see this blog
depending on the mail flow, it could be both.

If the front end server is the first place incoming external mail hits, and the last place outgoing external mail hits, then it's just the front end server.

If the front end server only works on the incoming external mail, and the backend server does the external SMTP connects outward, you'll need a cert on both of them.

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imagnlAuthor Commented:
Well, i followed these instructions and did it on my back end but I dont see the TLS authentication in my headers. My assumption is I need to do it on my front end then.

Also, the certificate for the TLS, should it associate to the FQDN?
imagnlAuthor Commented:
Any more advice on this?
Not from me.  I don't have an environment to refer to on this.

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