Can I use a wireless router/modem intended to work with a PSTN line, with an ISDN one?

Yesterday I bought a new laptop and, filled with excitement, I forgot to specify to the salesman at the store, that the wireless router/modem I needed in order to share my ADSL internet connection between my desktop and my laptop, should be compatible with the ISDN telephone line that I own.  Consequently, he proposed me the LevelOne WBR 3460A (PSTN) wireless router/modem instead of the 3460B (ISDN) version that I should have bought.

So, I was wondering if there is any way that I can still make a use out of it, without throwing it away...

Maybe there is an extension I could use or something?

Please help me if you know any possible solutions.

Thanks in advance.
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Carol ChisholmCommented:
Not possible. PSTN is analog and ISDN is digital. Sell it on E-Bay?
G-MisAuthor Commented:
I guess so :(

Thanks for your quick reply.
Why can't you return or exchange it?  It is not just your fault, sales people need to qualitfy the needs of their customer and sell them correct gear.
G-MisAuthor Commented:
Yeah, you 're right, I 'll give it a shot.
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