outlook meeting request to wrong people

Whenever Joe Blogs is sent a meting request through outlook this request
is also going through to Jasper carrot, will smith, and tinky winky

theses users do have rights to his mail box  when i look at "mailbox rights " in AD  but i dont think that should mean they get the meeting request too?
exchange 2003  outlook 2003
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mhamerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
delegation was set and hidden used mdbutil  to remove the rouge message

Please note the setting is set in the Outlook profile of Joe Blogs.
See pic.
mhamerAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks but nobody listed in Delegate  thats whats odd
Maybe Joe Blogs Outlook profile was configured on another pc, and there Delegates was entered.

Also maybe there is permissions configured on the Calendar's Permissions tab. (Right click Calendar , goto to Properties)
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