How do I increase network speed?

I am experiencing some delays on my trading computer.  The trading computer is pulling in realtime price data.  I am fairly confident that it is not my office computer.  I am connecting to the trade server through an ssl connection.  I have a dsl in my office with 6meg down and 350k upload.  I have spoken with the tech team at the trading company who says to speak with my ISP and vice versa.......frustrating.

So when i run a tracert command to the trading ip i noticed several hops and some with over 50ms.   I normally get through about 16 hops and then the remaing hops say timed out.  i then downloaded a free tracer software called pingplotter.  It too gave similiar number of hops (with varying times) before timing out.  I have also used the ms cmd "ping", which is not working as i am typing this on a saturday as i assume the servers are shutdown on the weekend.  It did work yesterday.

What is the best way to test speed to the ip?  Ping cmd?  It seems like tracert cmd gives more information about the hops however the times do not seem to correlate with the ping results.

Why would the ms tracert cmd vary from the "pingplotter software" results?

If some of the hops have excessively high times, is there anyone who can control or change that route?  Both the isp and trading company say they have no control over the hops once it leaves their network.

Is there any suggestions on how to reduce the latency?  Would switching from bellsouth dsl to another company providing dsl help?  switching to cable isp?  T1 line?

Please see the results from the tracert cmd in the attachment.


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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
They are correct - they have no control over the hops outside of their own network (infrastructure) control.

Yes, potentially switching to an ISP who can get you on to the main 'backbone' more quickly will enhance performance to a degree but could still be impacted if, for example, the hosted proices server you are connecting to is on a poor connection itself.
Press2EscSystems IntegratorCommented:
With the exception of your MD location, my tracert looked  the same - after hop 16 "request timed out"...  Apparently Quest there is a problem with one of their routers (  You can call Quest @ 877-886-6515 to report prob router - this is your "speed" issue with accessing

I would recommend you should Magic Jelly Bean for your other issue....  ;)


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