How do I disable various networking apps?


First-time asker here, trying to find some info and this seemed like the right place to go.

I have a PC (not a server) here at my IT job that I want to remove access to networking applications - FTP, RDP, Telnet, SSH, and xWindows.  This is to make the PC totally secure when coworkers connect remotely from abroad.

Is there a way to do this in Windows?  I'm concerned that if I download some external tool that its network activity will disrupt the work that is to be done on this PC (constant back-and-forth communication with another server for about an hour at a time).  I'm convinced that it did so when I tried using Comodo software.

Is this something I could set up through Group Policy?  I simply don't want these applications to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Marcel
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khaledfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
actually this is a limitation of windows firewall, but still it should work, since outbound connection is blocked then it means no traffic should come inside.

if you want more advanced firewall you can try zonealarm or any other 3rd part firewalls
disable inbound and outbound connections for those services in the firewall
MarcelKHAuthor Commented:

Thanks for responding.  I wanted to follow up on your question - is this something that I could do at the PC level?

I ask because I am not an Admin and cannot make changes to the Corporate Firewall, just on my PCs.

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you can do it on your PC's firewall. check your firewall documentation on how to block ftp, telnet, ...etc
hope this helps
MarcelKHAuthor Commented:
I think I see what you're saying - do II need to uncheck the various entries in the Exceptions tab?
yes exactly.
MarcelKHAuthor Commented:
Sorry to continue to be a bother, but this isn't working for outgoing connections.  Does Windows Firewall have that capability?
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