video carding causing Memory problems or bad memory?

My computer specs

quad core 2.4 (Q6600 95W version)
4 gig crucial ram (2 sticks 2gigs)
Intel dg31pr micro atx motherboard with integrated video, network + audio
corsair power supply 600 watts

So here's the problem that I'm having and it's driving me insane.

I installed vista home premium on my system and everything runs fine. No BSOD's or anything, I updated all the drivers for the integrated video, audio, and network. Nothing wrong at all. Everything stable.

So I went out and purchased a diamond HD 3450 video card
I installed the graphics card (pci-e 16x) loaded the drivers, updated the drivers and my system starts to BSOD. And the BSODs are all random sometimes it will be fine for hours before BSODing. then sometimes it will just BSOD within a few minutes of starting up.

So i did the following,

1.) memory stressing, no errors, processor not overheating.

2.) removed all ati drivers, and reinstalled using the ones that came with the graphics card. Out come? Same thing BSOD

3.) installed only the drivers, no catalyst management software. OUTCOME? Same thing, BSOD

4.) decide to reinstall windows, windows installation fails, I get BSOD during the installation process. I tried it 3 times and each time same thing

Finally i remove the video card from the system. Bam! windows installed with no issue, system startup no issue. I updated everything and the system runs stable with no issue. I even stressed it out by doing a 1 hour  HD TV recording with no issues.

So what is going on? 1 dump file point to a memory issue, 2nd to a hardware issue, and the 3rd one is generic. Without the video card everything seems fine and with the video card everything blows up. Common sense is telling me that there must be some conflict with the card. Either there is a compatibility issue between the two or memory on the video card is bad? I searched but i haven't found any info about the Diamond HD 3450 and the Intel DG31PR.

Is it possible that the memory on the video card is bad and that's what is causing vista BSOD problems?

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I'd rather suspect a problem with the motherboard. Did you check your BIOS settings?
If system is working fine without the new video card, then it is possible the video card is a cause of problem. Do you have other card to try?
iamuserAuthor Commented:
nope i don't have another video card. But I was wondering if anyone else experienced something like this. If it was a motherboard issue then it would have to be the pci-e 16x slot because i just upgraded the bios for the system board.

Video card installed BSOD

no video card installed = stable

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If you dont have other known good working card to try, then it is hard to say the PCIe slot is rootcause.
You need to go into your bios and turn off your onboard video.
In you bios under pci express configuration enable pcie x16 link retrain ,also under advanced>video configuration menu under primary display adapter choose pci or pci-e depending on your card.Then under primary video adapter choose auto.
Note:where it says plug&play os choose yes
Be sure to save settings then exit bios.
iamuserAuthor Commented:
I'll try it and see what happens.

In the intel DG31PR i don't have much options in the bios. I can change auto to to pci-e 16x. There is no option that i can see to turn off the on board video. I don't get a primary display adapter menu to choose stuff from

It should be under advanced if not change it to pci-e 16x
I said I'd rather suspect the mobo, but didn't rule out the video card.
Since you'll have a hard time proving the mobo is faulty, particularly if you updated the BIOS, go for the video card you just bought.
I'd suggest you get another video card, even a loaner. Install it in the PCI-E slot. If it works, send your diamond HD 3450 back or ask for a swap/refund. It must still be under warranty, either from the retailer or the manufacturer.

Note: Since your mobo is a micro ATX, I suppose it hasn't another PCI-E slot.

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iamuserAuthor Commented:
just one pci-e express because it's a micro-atx. I'll go get the new MB tomorrow. Hopefully it's not the pci-e slot
You are really going to buy a new mobo, rather than trying changing your video card for free?
iamuserAuthor Commented:
my bad i meant to buy a new video card instead...

Thank you for the points.
Does it work now and could you exchange it for free?
iamuserAuthor Commented:
I'm going to get the card today, i wasn't able to do it during the week but i figure i might as well close the question and give everyone their points for the help :)
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